상처를 받을 거야

그거 왜해

아무것도 기대하지마
기대하면 다친거야





















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가슴이 아프다…. 너무

나 왜 그렇게 울고싶지


The taste of freedom

The child called and the Father heard
and He rushed to her rescue

And this is how freedom tastes like
To be free from hatred
To be free from the heavy chains of the devil
To be able to love again
To love Your creatures

I love You, my Lord
I love You with all my heart

Thank you for delivering me from this distress
Thank you and i love You
i love You
i love You
I love You

There’s so much joy and no word can describe my joy adequately

I missed the chance
And I asked for another chance for your flower and I to reconcile
And immediately you have given me another opportunity
Recognizing the opportunity as an answer to my prayer
I quickly grabbed it

O Father, i thank You
i love You!

You know my human nature is weak
I don’t know when will i fall again
Sustain me with Your grace and i will be fine
I need only Your grace

I hope not to fall again
But, even if i fall again, i know Your grace will help me to stand up again
Falling teaches me to be humble and be docile to Your grace
And so I rely only on Your grace

Let my eyes be fixed on You
Then, even if i should fall again, Your loving gaze will help me to stand up again

I love You
I love You
I love You with all my heart, all my soul, all my mind and all my strength

Yes, i will love with all my strength

my God, I love You!!!

my God, I love You!!!
You must have heard my prayer
You must have
You must have
I love You! I love You!!!


They don’t understand…

It is so hard to find a person that understands…

The freedom that i yearn for is a freedom that enables me to do everything that my Father wants me to do
The freedom that enables me to do my father’s will
The freedom to love the way my Father loves
The freedom from the chains of self-love and pride
The freedom to love others the way my Father loves them
The freedom to love even when i am hurt
The freedom from hatred and pain
The freedom to see God’s image in every person regardless of what they did to me
The freedom to fight and be worthy of that image and that loving gaze

I want nothing else to have any power over me
Hatred or hurt or whatsoever
All these should have no power over me
All these shouldn’t be the chain that stops me from doing my Father’s will

This is what i truly want
My yearning

I want to get rid of all these chains
But they told me “Don’t overexert yourself”
I know they mean no harm
I know they just don’t want me to be too tired
But it is not what i want
What i truly want is just some encouragement
Encouraging me to fight
Reminding me about my Father’s love
Telling me that i can do this because i am my Father’s daughter.
If my Father can do this, i can do it too, because i am my Father’s daughter…





巴士里,某个年约 5 岁的小弟弟(A)坐在座位上,闭着眼睛休息。他身边坐着一位阿姨。一会儿,阿姨下车了,坐在 A 弟弟对面的另一个小弟弟(B,约 3 岁)马上笑嘻嘻的跑过去爬到 A 弟弟的身边,抓着 A 弟弟的手靠在他肩上,那圆鼓鼓的左右脸颊叫做喜形于色~

啊~ 原来是对兄弟~









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