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가끔, 갑자기 울고 싶어


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집에 돌아가는 길에 한 그림자 만났다.
“어디 가는거니?” 그림자가 나 한테 물었다.
“글쎄…… 나도 몰라…”
“나… 너 따라가도 돼?”
“따라와라, 같이가자, 혼자만 걸어가면 너무…”

I met a shadow on my way home.
“Where are you going?” The shadow asked me.
“Well… I don’t know either…”
“Can i… follow you?”
“Come, let’s go together,walking alone is too…”
“I know…”


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I went to the closing of the year of mercy just now. After the session, somebody was distributing a big picture of Divine Mercy to the parishioners. I felt it was too big and i have no place to put it and so i walked away. After a while, i met some friends who asked me if i have collected the picture. I said no. They asked to go and get one. I wanted to explain to them that i have no place to put it, but somehow, i was reminded about something. My landlady has told me several times that it’s ok if i want to remove the poster of an aircraft on the wall which his son pasted before he got married. I was lazy and never took it seriously. After all, that poster doesn’t bother me. Maybe i can remove it this time, and replace it with the portrait of Divine Mercy.

As I left the church, i suddenly realized that this portrait is a gift from God. Few days ago, I was thinking of getting myself a small picture of Divine Mercy, yeah a small one, and yes, i was just thinking, only thinking, no actual plan or action. Now it is given to me.

You always hear me, even when i whisper. How enormous is Your love, that you even pay attention to my whisper. I was even complaining about the flower that you have given to me. What an ungrateful child i am.

I need strength. Strengthen me, Papa. To love your flower is so difficult. I thought i am a loving person until you challenged me by giving me this flower. Your flower is like a furnace that tests if i am pure gold that can withstand fire. Let me be the pure gold. Teach me how to love as you love, let me always see your face in that flower. I am crying for help, I can’t fight the beast by myself. Strengthen me with your grace so that i can be a steward to your flower. I trust in You.





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好像是 13 岁的那一年,我第一次听到这个故事。









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I can’t see what’s in front

this sense of insecurity

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